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Urban Logistics A hat trick of certifications for a supply chain management client
Nomad Travel Stage 3 ISO 15189 & POCT ISO 22870 UKAS accreditation for a UK network of travel clinics.
Guildmore Construction ISO 14001 certification for a residential building contractor
ISO 17025, ISO 15189 and ISO 22870 accreditation for Lord’s Pharmacy UKAS Stage 3 documentation for Covid-19 swab sampling, followed by scope extension to include rapid antigen lateral flow testing
Covid Home Test ISO 15189 UKAS Stage 3 medical laboratory approval

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Leadership Tools


Faced with any kind of problem, it is a perfectly human response to grab a likely-looking tool and get to work fixing the problem. It helps if you know which tool to use and how to use it. Sometimes it pays to ask yourself why you want to use it. Will it really solve the problem? QFactorial can help you to choose the right tools to enhance quality performance.

Key steps

1. Q! Shop

2. Customisation

3. Bespoke development

4. Optioneering

Focus areas

• Communication

• Education

• Awareness

• Training


To engage your people in meaningful conversations about quality and help them to apply quality thinking in every aspect of their work.


Through our online shop we provide a range of Q! Products designed to help leaders to engage with their teams on the subject of quality management. Our product range includes downloadable tools and documents as well as physical items. The shop is a new venture for us and we hope you will find some unique and value-adding tools to help spread the word about quality.

Some of the products in our shop can be customised for your specific needs and we are happy to discuss that possibility with you. Whether we are adding your logo, editing content or customising the language and menus in a document or tool, we can usually accommodate your needs.

We love to get creative and design new tools for quality leaders. Whether they are based on our own in-house toolkit or your own specific requirements, we provide high quality products, typically in Word, Excel or PowerPoint. For more sophisticated requirements we partner with a digital design agency.

Even if we cannot provide the tool you need, we can help you to choose it. There are so many tools available for managing quality systems, processes and activities that choosing the right ones can be a daunting and complex task. We can deploy a structured optioneering process to help you make the right decision based on ranking features and functionalities against agreed criteria.

Need to communicate with your team or organisation about about quality? Messaging not resonating with your current business goals and culture? PowerPoint simply not cutting it? Successful communication is often a matter of inspiration and imagination. You just need a spark of an idea and the imagination to bring it to fruition. We can help with that.

If you are serious about quality, you need your people to take it seriously too. But first they need to understand what it is and why it’s important. We can help you to develop the tools to educate your people about quality and how to control, manage and improve it.

Sometimes the nuts and bolts of quality can be quite dreary. There, we’ve said it. So how can you motivate your people to do the right thing to maintain quality in their work even when no-one is looking? One way is to keep them aware of quality successes and failures by sharing data in the form of bulletins, newsletters and dashboards. You know who to ask.

Whilst we are not a training organisation, we do develop training materials to support our consulting operations. We are equally happy to develop specific quality training materials for your needs, e.g. to support the roll-out of your quality strategy, management systems, business processes, leadership tools or assurance programmes. 

If you want to be a quality leader you first of all need to be a believer. You can’t blag it because people will judge you on what you do not what you say. If you are a believer, we can provide, develop or help you choose the tools to engage your people in quality conversations so they end up thinking, seeing, doing quality in every aspect of their work.

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