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Axians UK ISO 27001: 2022 Transition for Cloud & Cybersecurity Provider
Rebound Electronics AS 6081 & ISO 14001 for electronics distributor.
Fabrinet UK - Automotive IATF 16949 management system for contract electronics manufacturer.
H Foster 1875 - EcoVadis EcoVadis implementation for a sustainably-minded client
Orange Chemicals Long-term ISO 9001 support for chemical distributor

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To find out more about how Qfactorial can help your business, please get in touch using the enquiry form below or, if you prefer, call us on +44 (0)1256 814111 or email kevin@qfactorial.co.uk to speak to our principal consultant.

About us

Who we are

QFactorial is a family business, established in 2013, based in the rolling green hills of Hampshire, England.

We’re an SME, so we understand the ups and downs of that world and will often sympathise and celebrate with you, share the latest developments in software and technology making our lives easier, bemoan the news and empathise with the challenges you face in a way a large corporation may no longer be able to. We may be consultants, but we are still human. Honest. QFactorial was built on the belief of doing the right thing, for the right reasons - we’re quality zealots, ethical fanatics and sustainability disciples. We aim to build long term partnerships with our clients so they always feel a Quality conversation is but a phone call away. You can see some of those partnerships by clicking below.

our clients

Why choose us?

As a fellow SME, we understand the world you’re doing business in, we roll with the same punches and overcome the same obstacles. We also understand that determination, drive and ambition that power you forward. We’ve created and honed our toolkits over the years specifically to suit SMEs and start-ups, we won’t be forcing you into a corporate template that doesn’t apply. Working with the Q!Network means we’re able to offer fully scalable project management services, multiple consultants working on multiple standards at once, and, should an emergency happen, there's always another set of equally safe hands to catch you. No more twiddling thumbs when your consultants fall ill or their goldfish dies (they're only human after all. The consultants that is, not the goldfish). For added reassurance, we are ourselves ISO 9001 certified - we practice what we preach!

Our Consultants

We have a UK-wide team of hand-picked experts, our Q!Consultants and partners, who are the best of the best. We vet and interview each one to confirm they share our ethos and vision of quality, and that they understand the particular challenges of SMEs & start-ups. Your nominated consultant will always be as local as possible, packed full of wisdom and industry-specific, technical know-how and real business intelligence. They’ve even been accused of having a sense of humour. 

We know you're dying to ask: where on earth did 'QFactorial' come from? Well, there was much cogitation about the nature of quality and the countless factors at play when striving for it. Now, in maths, a factorial number is the product of all numbers preceeding it - expressed as n! . It was only a few pints after that eurieka moment that "Q = QFactorial" was born! Don't worry, this level of nerdism only occurs in the pub!


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