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Nationwide Hire GDPR gap analysis for construction equipment provider
Knight Asphalte ISO triple crown for flat roof and waterproofing contractor
QA services for Danish power plant Quality assurance consultancy services for a gas turbine repair carried out over three continents.
ISO 17025 Accreditation Support Three different clients at different stages on their journey to ISO 17025 accreditation.
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Awareness Survey

BMS Awareness Survey

A large project engineering organization commissioned Qfactorial to carry out an independent survey of user awareness and satisfaction in relation to their online business management system (BMS). The business context included the possibility of redesigning, replacing or merging management systems with sister organizations.

Qfactorial designed a survey questionnaire to allow free discussion whilst also collecting data in a form suitable for analysis and decision-making. A cross-section of employees was interviewed, representing a range of roles, positions and seniority.  The results were analysed to reveal key messages for the management team and strategic questions to be addressed.

Based on the analysis, Qfactorial presented senior management with a work plan and specific actions grouped around “five fixes”: content, system, communication, users and culture. A single “show-stopper” decision was identified as a critical pre-requisite for the work plan to succeed.


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