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Premier Oil Strategic quality review for international oil & gas operator
Nationwide Hire GDPR gap analysis for construction equipment provider
Knight Asphalte ISO triple crown for flat roof and waterproofing contractor
QA services for Danish power plant Quality assurance consultancy services for a gas turbine repair carried out over three continents.
ISO 17025 Accreditation Support Three different clients at different stages on their journey to ISO 17025

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Audit Programme

Corporate Audit Programme

A corporate audit programme was required to assess conformity and effectiveness with respect to a new suite of corporate HSSEQ standards and business processes.

This included mapping the audit process, writing a corporate auditing standard, training auditors, leading audits and managing the programme across 8 countries on 5 continents.  Success was achieved with a very small corporate team supported by a global network of competent auditors and technical experts. This collaborative approach provided opportunities for auditors to join each other’s teams, gain international experience, and thereby support the development of a “learning organization” through the medium of internal audits. The programme was carefully designed to overcome the fear of being audited by applying the principles of risk-based and value-adding auditing.

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