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Urban Logistics A hat trick of certifications for a supply chain management client
Nomad Travel Stage 3 ISO 15189 & POCT ISO 22870 UKAS accreditation for a UK network of travel clinics.
Guildmore Construction ISO 14001 certification for a residential building contractor
ISO 17025, ISO 15189 and ISO 22870 accreditation for Lord’s Pharmacy UKAS Stage 3 documentation for Covid-19 swab sampling, followed by scope extension to include rapid antigen lateral flow testing
Covid Home Test ISO 15189 UKAS Stage 3 medical laboratory approval

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Decision Dimensions

Decision Dimensions for Defining Management Systems

A well-known, international management consultancy were looking for expert insights into the design choices being made by organizations when defining their management systems. We were pleased to contribute ideas and opinions based on real-life experience gained through working with many companies and their management systems

The research focused on the decision-making dimensions and the organizational contexts for those decisions, including reasons for having a management system. Dimensions included: structural logic, degree of centralization, level of detail and degrees of freedom. Contexts included: value chain, core processes, document hierarchy, risk, performance, organization, project size and project type.

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