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Covid Home Test ISO 15189 UKAS Stage 3 medical laboratory approval
Insignia Medical Systems A fresh look at an existing ISO 13485 QMS to realign with the business.
Hann Tucker Associates ISO 17025 maintenance and audit support.
Oak Valley Events ISO 15189 and ISO 22870 (POCT) for Covid-19 private test providers
Fabrinet UK ISO 13485 certification for manufacture of electronic medical devices

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Process Improvement

Lessons Learned Process Improvement

Qfactorial was asked to develop a new and improved process for “lessons learned”, itself drawing upon the lessons of previous attempts to establish a process within the business management system (BMS)

Consulting key personnel within the client company, and running a discussion forum on LinkedIn, we gained an understanding of the human factors that inhibit the success of many lessons learned programmes. The role and usage of existing procedures, databases, moderators and facilitators was therefore reconsidered.

Two deliverables were created. First, a survey to evaluate the initial maturity level of lessons learned activities, as perceived by employees. Second, an infographic depicting a new process. The new process re-focused attention away from populating a database and towards communicating the stories behind the lessons. The process redesign linked lessons learned, change management and BMS revision to drive improvement.

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