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Covid Home Test ISO 15189 UKAS Stage 3 medical laboratory approval
Insignia Medical Systems A fresh look at an existing ISO 13485 QMS to realign with the business.
Hann Tucker Associates ISO 17025 maintenance and audit support.
Oak Valley Events ISO 15189 and ISO 22870 (POCT) for Covid-19 private test providers
Fabrinet UK ISO 13485 certification for manufacture of electronic medical devices

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Team Building

Team Building for Process Safety Review

A large, international, multi-disciplined team had been selected to carry out a process safety review at offshore oil and gas production facilities and onshore offices in Qatar.  The team members came from various backgrounds, including staff and consultants, many with limited knowledge of audit/review techniques.  With only a few days available for team orientation and alignment, a crash course in audit planning and execution was required.

A weekend workshop was designed and delivered with three main objectives: establishing team alignment; equipping the team with basic audit tools and techniques; developing a comprehensive audit plan.

The team’s initial resistance to spending a weekend on auditor training was overcome as they came to realise the value of the exercise and its outcomes. The closing feedback confirmed the right balance of training and facilitation had been achieved. The acid test was the enthusiastic, unsolicited and wholly positive feedback from the team after completing the process safety review one month later.

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