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Infrata offers lenders technical advisory (LTA) services for infrastructure projects.

We thought we’d cracked it first time around, with a lean business management system and zero findings in their first ISO 9001 audit. But Infrata challenged us again with some ideas on further consolidation to align with business changes and growth. The concept of the Slimline BMS was born and we were pleased to project-manage the change, success being confirmed with a clean sheet in the first surveillance audit. 


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Working closely with the Directors and BMS team, the Slimline approach was defined, detailed and communicated throughout the organisation. The project included further simplifications of the BMS Manual, procedures and templates. An enhanced audit, review and performance monitoring regime was established with more focus on interaction rather than documentation. As the project unfolded, QFactorial moved from planning and instigating to facilitating and reviewing. Throughout the change Infrata were always in control of their own system under Q! guidance. 

A satisfied customer doesn’t always stay satisfied, especially if their business is changing, growing or aligning to new realities. 

The Outcome

The resulting Slimline BMS eschewed traditional form-filling and maximised the use of email, both for controlling processes and for demonstrating their application. Pre-formatted emails and structured filing of emails played a big part in the Slimline approach. Another key adjustment was towards capturing performance information in meetings rather than through document submissions. These new approaches were aligned to the culture of the business, generating less paperwork but still requiring the same level of discipline to implement.

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Q! Feedback

"We are very pleased to continue our collaboration with QFactorial, who have been very supportive and flexible to accommodate our requirements into the work necessary to maintain ISO 9001 this year. As an SME, it is important to count on experts, who can bring industry experience, listen and adapt to the changing needs of a fast growing company. Kevin has done precisely that and as a result we have managed to achieve our goal this year with zero audit findings!"

Alonzo Guzman

Managing Director

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