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Axians UK ISO 27001: 2022 Transition for Cloud & Cybersecurity Provider
Rebound Electronics AS 6081 & ISO 14001 for electronics distributor.
Fabrinet UK - Automotive IATF 16949 management system for contract electronics manufacturer.
H Foster 1875 - EcoVadis EcoVadis implementation for a sustainably-minded client
Orange Chemicals Long-term ISO 9001 support for chemical distributor

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Infrata are an expanding consultancy providing lenders’ technical advisory (LTA) services on major infrastructure projects from their offices in UK and Colombia.

Our engagement with Infrata began in 2016 when we helped them to develop a business management system (BMS) and achieve ISO 9001 certification. Since then, we have assisted with advice and tools for streamlining project processes and, most recently, completing a study into automation options for the BMS. From system design, to certification, rationalization and automation, we have certainly been called upon to prove our flexibility and imagination when working with Infrata.


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Having started our relationship with an ISO 9001 project, we weren’t expecting that within three years we would be investigating cloud-based solutions for automation of the business management system. We claim to ‘roll with your changes’ and this was certainly put to the test as we developed the strategy and worked through the options to provide a set of structured and justified recommendations.

A satisfied customer doesn’t always stay satisfied, especially if their business is changing, growing or aligning to new realities. It’s our job as consultants to think beyond the current requirement and anticipate future needs. Having the vision to instigate those conversations early on makes it easier to accommodate future needs in current solution designs.  

The Outcome

The Slimline BMS eschewed traditional form-filling and maximised the use of email, both for controlling processes and for demonstrating their application. Pre-formatted emails and structured filing of emails played a big part in the Slimline approach, as did capturing information in meetings rather than through document submissions. These new approaches were a step towards the ultimate goal of automating business management processes for efficiency, repeatability, mobility and scalability – the subject of our recent study work.


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Q! Feedback

On our previous assignments:

"We are very pleased to continue our collaboration with QFactorial, who have been very supportive and flexible to accommodate our requirements into the work necessary to maintain ISO 9001 this year. As an SME, it is important to count on experts, who can bring industry experience, listen and adapt to the changing needs of a fast growing company. Kevin has done precisely that and as a result we have managed to achieve our goal this year with zero audit findings!"

And for BMS Automation Study:

“I like your report and the supporting analysis. I can see your logic. This is a good piece of work - proper consulting like we do at Infrata!”

Alonzo Guzman

Managing Director

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