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Nationwide Hire GDPR gap analysis for construction equipment provider
Knight Asphalte ISO triple crown for flat roof and waterproofing contractor
QA services for Danish power plant Quality assurance consultancy services for a gas turbine repair carried out over three continents.
ISO 17025 Accreditation Support Three different clients at different stages on their journey to ISO 17025

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Success Stories

Purple Leisure Services

ISO 9001:2015 transition for gym equipment installers

PLS installs, services and repairs fitness equipment across the South of England. Development of the business combined with externally imposed changes, including new IT systems and the looming deadline for transition to ISO 9001:2015, led the company to a decision: time to re-think the old quality management system. 





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QFactorial carried out gap assessment and produced an action plan to create a new business management system and achieve transition to ISO 9001:2015 in just two months. Working closely with the management team, the building blocks of the BMS were quickly put in place, including: Action Plan/Tracker, Framework Diagram, Policies, Objectives, Business Scorecard, Stakeholder Analysis and an extended agenda for Management Review. 

It’s a pleasure to work with clients who genuinely want the best solution for their business and their people. Creating that solution and helping it to grow with the business - that’s what we call job satisfaction! 

The Outcome

Existing good practices were absorbed into a new manual describing how the business operates, supported by enhanced leadership and improvement processes. With a view towards adding ISO 45001 in the future, threads of health and safety were woven through the fabric of the BMS, integrated with quality and business controls. ISO 9001 transition was achieved on-time with zero nonconformities.  

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Q! Feedback

Having had a rather stressful few months where new systems and processes were imposed upon us as a business, we were also conscious that re-certification would be looming soon ... and to the new standard! We were therefore in a fairly unique situation that not only did we need to make some amendments to meet the new criteria; but we also had to completely re-document 60% of our core processes.

QFactorial attended and laid out a comprehensive action plan that we would need to complete in order to meet our deadlines. Despite first being quite sceptical that we would be able to achieve everything in the allocated timeframe, we were soon reassured that actually it could be done, and they were with us all the way! By following the new Business Management System that QFactorial helped us to set up, we completely rewrote our entire Quality Manual. It is a testament to the way in which they work that, when I say "re-wrote", we actually halved the content. This has resulted in a manual that people actually use and which they feel ownership of!

Happily, we managed to pass our audit with flying colours - box ticked! However, more importantly, and the real testament to the value that QFactorial brought to our business, is that we actively use the new BMS to put more control and clarity into our day to day activites. It actually is a Business Management System.

Jo Hart

Senior Operations Director, Purple Leisure Services

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