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Veriflo provides project management and consultancy for clean water asset management including water quality, statutory outages, network operations and strategic network optimisations.

Veriflo first came to us as a start-up business with a fast-track schedule to achieve ISO 9001 certification. Later, as a more mature and growing organization, they returned to QFactorial for HSE system development and general compliance support, both ISO and Achilles.

We are pleased and proud to have supported Veriflo from start-up to present day. Initially, the challenge was to develop a business-friendly management system and achieve ISO 9001. Certification was awarded within six months and subsequently maintained without the need for ongoing consultancy support. As the client’s business continued to grow, QFactorial were pleased to be invited back, this time to extend the scope of the management system to cover HSE and to support Achilles approval. This engagement evolved into a role as Veriflo’s compliance partner, providing independent audit and review on a quarterly basis.


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Over the course of our relationship with Veriflo we have provided a range of governance, assurance and improvement services delivered through the lenses of ISO certification, Achilles approval and internal compliance activities. This has included designing QHSE management systems, developing tools for implementation, auditing and reviewing compliance, evolving systems to align with new business strategies and objectives, and guiding the business through important approvals, including ISO and Achilles assessments. 

There is nothing more satisfying than a satisfied customer returning to the fold, having sampled the alternatives and realised what they were missing! This tells us that we must have done something right, and done it in the right way, in our initial engagement. But we’re under no illusions, we need to keep raising our game and adding more value if we are to keep pace with fast-moving clients like Veriflo.

The Outcome

We were pleased to play a part in Veriflo's successful ISO 9001 and Achilles recertifications towards the end of 2019. It was not only the result, but the manner of victory that pleased us: no ISO nonconformities and Achilles scores at 94% (office) and 98% (site).

Q! Feedback

"It’s always encouraging to receive positive comments from auditors (“a good system”) and the client (“great work!”) but the best testimonial is repeat business. We look forward to another year supporting one of our oldest clients through the next set of challenges." 

Kevin Brown

Director & Principal Consultant - QFactorial

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